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Choosing Handguns for Concealed Carry & Home Defense

We often hear the question “which handgun should I purchase for concealed carry and/or home defense?” As we always make the recommendation of choosing a modern, striker-fired handgun in 9x19mm caliber (without any additional external safety switches!), this narrows down the list considerably; finally, we’ll focus on handguns that have proven track records of reliability,Continue reading “Choosing Handguns for Concealed Carry & Home Defense”

Training live in Houston, TX!

Training and personal consulting for your mindset of awareness and defense Welcome! Whether you’re a prospective new gun owner, need to reinforce your skills, or want to build your defensive strategy from the ground up, Davies Defense will help you achieve a higher standard of being a responsible and prepared defender. What can you expectContinue reading “Training live in Houston, TX!”

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